Apni Rasoi An Indian Phenomenon


Apni Rasoi opened its doors in India in 1999. Since then, our family food outlets in Delhi have demonstrated, much to the delight of all our customers, what the Apni Rasoi experience is all about. Our first store opened on April 15, 1999, in Tri Nagar, Delhi. Almost 24 years down the line, we are Delhi's leading Indian food service system with more than 20 restaurants, serving more than a thousand customers every day.

Locally Owned: Apni Rasoi is a registered brand solely owned by Sanjay Goyal. Sanjay Goyal has the vision to operate Apni Rasoi with a complete commitment to quality, service, and value and plans to open at least 20 more outlets in Delhi and the NCR within the next 24 months.

Respect for local culture: Apni Rasoi has a special vegetarian menu to suit Indian tastes and preferences. It serves 100% vegetarian food. We've reformulated our products using spices favored by Indians.



International Standards


Apni Rasoi's local suppliers provide us with the highest-quality, freshest ingredients. Complete adherence to the Indian Government's food, health, and hygiene regulations is ensured while maintaining our own recognized standards. Fast, friendly service—the hallmark of Apni Rasoi's outlets—is the mantra we abide by. Stringent cleaning standards ensure that all tables, chairs, and trays are sanitized several times each hour. Such meticulous cleanliness extends beyond the lobby and kitchen to the pavement and surrounding areas outside the outlets.

Our Philosophy


Our vision to be India's "best" quick-service restaurant experience is supported by a set of principles and core values. The principles that guide us

  • Quality, Service & Value - Apni Rasoi's unwavering ideology is that our customers must always receive quality products, served quickly and with a smile, in a clean and pleasant environment, and all at a fair price. 
  • We are committed to exceeding our customers' expectations at every outlet, every time.
  • We have a passion and a responsibility for enhancing and protecting the Apni Rasoi brand.
  • We believe in a collaborative management approach, employing a mutually respectful business philosophy.
  • We will seize every opportunity to innovate and lead the industry on behalf of our customers.